Tee Links_business_health_baby 06.01.11

Here are some business stories, health stories, insights and inspirations I’ve been reading the past couple weeks…

  • Ashton Kutcher launches his own Twitter client (article @ designtaxi)
  • This couple named their new baby “Like”. Yep, like, after the Facebook Like button (article @ Mashable)
  • Quick tips for improving your website, taken from 6 innovative small businesses (article @ OpenForum)
  • Make sure you’re choosing the right page for your business on Facebook; this author is friends with her movie theater! (posted @ Modland USA)
  • A little less anime and torture porn (hopefully), a little more Miramax coming soon on Netflix (article @ Mashable)
  • Create more, consume less (from The Art of Manliness)
  • Tests Reveal The Mislabeling of Fish (New York Times)
  • Is BPA-Free MORE Dangerous? (Babble.com, New York Times and NPR)
  • Flame-Retardants in polyurethane foam found in baby products are possible carcinogens (New York Times)
  • Prison Food vs. School Cafeteria Food Infographic (via GOOD)
  • What Makes A Great Infographic (via Eloqua)