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Hello! My name is Tracey Tee.

I’m a gal who likes to work for herself. I come from a long line of family members who did – and still do – their own thing. It’s kind of in my blood.

I founded three successful ecommerce sites specializing in gifts, home accessories, fashion accessories and eco-friendly items. But these sites weren’t just about selling product – my premise has always be to integrate good product into a good life. To give gifts that matter, gifts that say something (an effort I work on continuously).  Products/items/things have a way of celebrating life and each other…and that’s ok in my book.

After nearly a decade of owning/operating ecommerce sites, I transitioned from running business to helping others run their businesses. The grindstone worked for me for many years, but the model didn’t fit the life I wanted/needed in the beginning of 2011.  My new “role” as a “consultant” is ever-evolving and changing, but one premise remains the same: I believe that frankness, honesty and transparency are the only ways to develop and grow a business.  As a consultant, I tend to lay it on the line for you.

I’m also a writer passionate about good design, good business, product discovery, humor in all things and healthy-happy living.

I also have two dogs who drive me crazy, but I love them.

And most importantly I am married, we have a beautiful daughter, live in Denver and tend to eat and drink more wine than I should.

Business Therapy:
Straight forward, honest and sympathetic support for you and your biz
{so you can work through questions & issues to get yourself un-stuck.}


I am passionate about small business, especially brands, retail and lifestyle personalities/bloggers/writers.  I love LOVE to support creative and brave people who set out to start their own business. It’s what I’ve done for many years, and it’s what I love to see others do. “Consulting” isn’t quite the right word for what I do. I think my clients would consider it more “business therapy”. And seriously – when you’re running the show and exhausted, stretched too thin, and drained creatively, a therapist is exactly what you need!

Should you wish to hire me for support in the following areas, please email traceyteeATmacDOTcom and let’s chat.

Additionally, over the years I’ve been lucky to collaborate with a team of highly qualified professionals in areas way outside my skill sets.  I work with often with these folks and completely trust them.  Should you require it, I can offer and/or set up & execute services for:

I also do television appearances and speaking engagements on the above topics.  People say I’m funny.

Some Selected Current & Past Clients Include:
Alice Supply Co / / / / / / RuMe, Inc. /

Need affordable, effective PR for your product or brand?
I'm on it.


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Having been on both sides of the pitch table, I boiled down the essence of what I think needs to happen between those needing PR help, and those looking for new product:

– To Brands & Retailers: Affordable, simple, strategic outreach that doesn’t require loads of billable hours for “planning sessions”, “discussions” and “development”
– To Press & Members of the Media: Fast, efficient communication with essential information, big photos, and an eye for what’s new

My solution may surprise all of you.

If you’re a member of the media and cover products, please sign up to receive the easiest, most efficient product pitches you’ve ever seen.

If you’re a retailer or brand looking for affordable, innovative PR without the B.S. please contact me ASAP at traceyATtraceyteeDOTcom.  I’ll send you my manifesto about why I believe this project will work and ultimately change how brands speak to press and promote themselves. I’ll include my flat rate, pay-as-you-go monthly fee and you can decide for yourself if you’re ready to get the word out and promote yourself to the top tastemakers and trendsetters in the industry.

Wear many hats.
{it keeps things interesting}

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I’m not gonna lie, this blog is definitely a stream of consciousness. Read on to see examples of client successes, and then learn about how my husband and I have been fixing up our 1963 ranch for the last 7 years. And then sometimes I post recipes. Or photos of my dogs. That’s what blogs are for.

Secured Coverage: Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Secured Coverage: Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Give Simple’s fabulous, glitter bobbie pins were featured in a really pretty style round-up in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. For the record, I never dressed that cute when I was preggers. 😉

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Secured Coverage: Today Show features bold & bright tableware from

Secured Coverage: Today Show features bold & bright tableware from

The always amazing Jill Martin had a great Today Show segment on Hot Trends for 2013, and included loads of eye-popping printed tableware from She has a great eye! I love this stuff…especially the floral cake platters and serving pieces! Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Pinterest Management Service (and why you need it)

Pinterest Management Service (and why you need it)

You wake up. You read emails. You answer emails. You slam coffee. You check Facebook, Twitter, you like, post, RT and Tumble. You slam more coffee and get on with tasks for the day. Three hours later, you haven’t tweeted in a while and a cold sweat of panic and guilt washes over you. More […]

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I'm available for phone and in-person Business Therapy sessions, or contact me to discuss how I can support you in a longer term project.

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